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Made expressly for the 2010 NBDCC Silent Auction - Wedding Duo

In addition to Full Facial Makeover, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, Female doll features:

This year our focus was to follow the National Barbie Collection's Rock & Roll theme and what better way to do this than to pay homage to Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Rather than looking to the Hall of Fame’s women inductees for inspiration, NiniMomo thought outside the box and found true inspiration from the men of rock.

Three of the World’s most famed icons of rock became our muses: Michael Jackson,  Elton John and Elvis Presley.

We made an interesting decision to re-vamp these icons for Barbie herself. Our goal was to maintain not only the integrity of the artists themselves but the femininity of Barbie. 

Each of our three Rock & Roll Hall of Fame icons feature custom rooted lashes and facial repaints.

As with all NiniMomos, our quintessential hand-sewn beadwork bedecks each beauty along with a multitude of genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

2010 NBDCC Silent Auction

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