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Made expressly for the 2018 Roma Fashion Doll Convention Charity Auction - Wonder Woman in Vegas!

In addition to Facial Make-Over, Lined Gown, and Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

Made expressly for the Rome Fashion Doll Convention and their theme of "SHOWGIRL" NiniMomo's "Wonder Woman in Vegas" wears a silk charmeuse crop top complete with grommet corset closure at back. Top has been designed with metallic gold accenting and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Silk charmeuse bottoms covered in golden stars Specialty red boots with custom white piping has been decorated in golden stars. Gold mettalic gloves Full, sheer, mesh bodysuit has been adorned with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones and golden stars along chest, shoulders and upper arms. Gold star encrusted belt features a golden eagle charm at center. Gold lasso of truth. Swarovski covered bracelets pave style. Custom created shied edged in ostrich feathers and decorated in Swarovski crystal rhinestones, cabs, nailheads and stars. Golden tiara decorated in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones and gold star charms feature dramatic plummage in ostrich feathers. Drop star earrings with Swarovski accents. Eye Color: Cartoon Blue / Lip Color: Red Doll Formerly: "Classic Black Dress Silkstone"

2018 RFDC Ebay Auction

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