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In addition to Facial Make-Over, Rooted Lashes, this Delegate Features:

Two piece “belly dancer” ensemble in silk charmeuse and ombre chiffon for sleeves and pants,

Cuffs on sleeves & pants finished in hand-sewn beadwork.

Hand-sewn beadwork and hand-beaded fringe.

Silk chiffon panel at front and back edged in Swarovski crystal rhinestones and nailheads.

Veil in chiffon decorated in  Swarovski and gold charm headress.

Swarovski and gold hair adornments.

Swarovski and gold earrings.

Gold mesh veil

Swarovski accented shoes

Eye Color: Bronze / Lip Color: Plum

Doll Formerly: Princess of India


In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Arabian Ken begins with a sheer white top
Silk taffeta vest with hand-sewn beadwork 
Swarovski crystal rhinestones & nailhead accenting
Indian metallic robe lined in silk charmeuse & edged in gold filigree 
Covered in Swarovski rhinestones & nailheads
Genuine leather belt covered in Swarovski and nailheads
Silk charmeuse haram pants
Silk turban with charms, nailheads, feathers &  Swarovski
Sword and Swarovski/nailhead accented sheath
Faux leather boots
Gold and Swarovski jewelry and faux leather wrist bands
Custom flocked brows and beard
Eye color: Sage Gray
Doll Formerly: Tales of Arabian Nights Ken


Arabian Duo Camel:

Genuine leather wrapped camel figurine in 1/6 scale

Camel has been covered in silk fabrics 

Hand-sewn beadwork

Hand-beaded fringe on blanket edge

Hand-beaded fringe throughout bridle

Bridle and seating

Custom handles

Lashes on Camel

Arabian Nights Duo

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