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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From Scandinavia, in northern Finland lie the Laplands with its subarctic climate, its mountains, rivers, marshes and plateaus. Represent extreme northern Finland is our Sami Ken.

The Sami people are those living in the Lapland regions of both Sweden and Finland and our Finnish Ken wears a traditional Sami costume.

Costume begins with a tunic in cobalt blue which his made in 100% genuine suede and features long sleeves, high collar and Henley style chest.

Attached to this lush suede tunic are lengths of richly hand-beaded embroidered ribbon in the shades of the Sami costume. These beaded panels are added to collar, shoulders, chest, wrists, and along hem of tunic.

Henley style chest features silver etched bead closure.

Cuffs have been edged in brown faux bear fur

A white silk scarf and faux fur white mittens protect Finnish Ken from the elements.

A genuine black leather belt is worn at waist and has been bedecked with metallic nailheads in both silver and gold.

Attached to this leather belt are several accessories for the harsh environment; a faux leather sheath and knife, an etched faux leather pouch, and faux etched horn.

Finnish Ken also carries small reindeer antlers wrapped in rope which he had caught on his hunt. Sorry PETA.

Finnish Ken wears genuine brown leather pants

Brown faux bear fur boots feature same hand-beaded ribbon edge as in tunic and boots have been stitched with red “laces”

A matching Sami style hat in cobalt genuine Suede features a brim of same rich embroidered ribbon festooned with hand-sewn beadwork. Hat has been edged in same faux brown bear fur.

Eye Color: Sapphire. Custom flocked goatee, chops and mustache.

Blonde hair slicked back

Doll Formerly: “Harley Ken 2010”

Finland Sami Ken

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