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In Addition to Facial Makeover,  Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

Missoni inspired knit fabric is the inspiration for this exotic beauty.

Miss Bahrain wears an open sleeve knit gown that has been finished at hem in dramatic star points.

Points have been finished in Swarovski triangles.

Floor-length open flared sleeves have been lined in silk organza.

Gown has been covered with Swarovski crystal rhinestones in matching colors with accents in vintage Swarovski shapes.

Bracelets of Swarovski crystal bicones and silver teardrop beads feature at both wrists, a strand of dangling, Swarovski crystal rhinestone adorned chain.

Ends of chain have been finished in metallic rose, rhinestone balls, metallic cage balls and fringe chain.

Incredible headdress beginning in gold filigree metal has been absolutely covered in Swarovski crystal rhinestone elements.

Headdress also includes filigree bead caps, Swarovski rhinestone chain, and metallic charms.

Drop earrings in Swarovski crystal studs and beads, rhinestone balls, and filigree beadcaps.

Hands beautified with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and nailheads.

Shoes bedecked in Swarovski.

Eye Color: Hazel / Lip Color: Dark Brick

Doll Formerly:  "The Pirate Barbie"

Miss Bahrain 2021

SKU: IPC21052
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