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In Addition to Facial Makeover, Lined Ensemble, Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

The Balkan nation of Bulgaria rich with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman and Persian influences is represented by this redheaded beauty.

Miss Bulgaria wears a retro inspired evening gown beginning with a black and white taffeta bodice which features upper portion edged in white piping.

Custom cut embroidered, mesh floral lace has been added to bodice and gorgeous edged in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Ruched white taffeta belt features small bow at lower back.

Belt gives way to a white taffeta skirt adorned with custom cut, embroidered floral mesh lace.

Black taffeta overskirt, lined in white taffeta also has been bedecked with custom cut mesh, floral patterned embroidered lace.

Both overskirt and skirt have been smothered in Swarovski crystal rhinestones outlining rich floral pattern.

White evening glove.

Specialty bag on gold chain has been adorned in tiny green cabochons and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Chandelier earrings, matching statement necklace and beaded bracelets in mixed Swarovski crystal rhinestone elements, cubic zirconia beads and gold filigree charms. 


Shoes accented in gold and pearl charms.

Eye Color: Sage / Lip Color: Burgundy

Doll Formerly:  "Suite Retreat Silkstone"

Miss Bulgaria 2021

SKU: IP21100
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