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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From one of the most exotic nations in the world, India, comes a most gorgeous and equally exotic beauty with her eye on the crown.

Miss India wears a gorgeous, ethnic inspired evening ensemble that begins with a sleeveless crop top with a plunging neckline in stunning and suitable imported direct from India 100% patterned metallic silk complete with 24k gold threading throughout. Subtle patterning of pale gold flowers are against a rich, deep fuchsia. Silk has been overlaid upon fuchsia taffeta.

Top has been ornately decorated with hand-sewn beadwork of mixed champagne silverline seed beads along with fuchsia bugle chips, matching sequins and mint green seed beads.

Lower edge of top has been dramatically finished with a fringe of hand-sewn sea-foam glass dagger beads alternating with seed beads.

A very lush mermaid skirt begins with the body consisting of the same overlaid 100% Indian metallic silk overlaid upon taffeta which dips to a “V” at front and back.

Skirt’s body has been covered in matching hand-sewn beadwork throughout matching that of crop top.

Mermaid flounce in extra stunning with it’s center slit and three layers of rich fabric. The top layer consisting of the same imported fuchsia and gold Indian metallic silk overlaid upon another Indian imported metallic silk with 24K threading, this time in simple antique textured gold. Finally, the underlayer is in a bold, contrasting sea foam green flowing chiffon.

A long, decadent scarf of both Indian metallic silks accompanies the ensemble complete with hand-sewn fringe edges of mixed seed beads, bugle chips and mint green bi-cone and teardrop beads!

Drop earrings of gold are studded with crystal rhinestones and feature genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone A/B studs. A dangling (at back) gold chain choker and a colorful necklace of mixed sea foam dagger beads and seed beads. A trio of beaded bracelets. A gold sequin belly button “jewel”

Eye Color: Deep brown / Lip Color: Fuchsia

Black hair is worn in a high sophisticated evening bun adorned with a plethora of Indian adornments such as gold chain, rhinestone flowers, genuine Swarovski crystal bi-cones, filigree flowers, rhinestone spikes and gold spirals – AMAZING!

Doll Formerly: “Princess of Cambodia”

Miss India 03/04

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