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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From the city that never sleeps, the stunning city of Manhattan, sends a delegate inspired by native Native New Yorker, Lady Gaga, in an Armani evening gown made expressly for her to wear to the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Miss Manhattan is bombastic and over-the-top, just like her city, wearing a most unusual evening gown that begins with full body-suit in sheer, nude stretch mesh.

Bodysuit has been painstakingly covered in hand-sewn beadwork incorporating tiny lavender, lilac, crystal and clear glass seed beads and miniscule sequins.

Beadwork travels up arms in a band that stretches from wrist to shoulder. Beadwork then adorns neck edge as well as chest and especially on back in dual bands adorning both shoulder blades.

Scattered hand-sewn beadwork in seed beads and tiny sequins adorn arms, chest and back as well.

Legs as well have been richly bedecked with meticulously hand-sewn bands of sequins and seed beads that travel up legs from ankles to hips.

Scattered hand-sewn beadwork in seed beads and tiny sequins adorn legs.

Hand-beaded panties covered in lavender and clear translucent and iridescent sequins are worn beneath gown.

A strapless stiff off-the-chest bodice has been created in multiple corset-like panels in a rich iridescent aurora borealis lavender organza.

Bodice attaches to an unusual flared disc skirt which is shorter at front and dips down to ground at back. This wide skirt has been custom wired for support.

“Orbiting” around gown from chest to gown’s hem, are a multitude of “rings of Saturn” created in thin bands that have been smothered in matching pale lavender powder glitter.

Custom molded and created unique platform shoes have been created to accompany gown.
Platform portion has been smothered in same lavender powder glitter while remainder of shoe has been covered in hand-sewn beadwork of mixed sequins and seed beads that travel up foot and ankle, blending with bodysuit’s hand-sewn beadwork.

Spike earrings are just as bombastic as evening gown in crystal cut glass iridescent beads and genuine Swarovski crystal bi-cones.

Hair has been custom re-rooted a sunny yellow and custom heat permed and worn in a dramatic barrel curl style upsweep.

Eye Color: Palest Cornflower / Lip Color: Orchid

Doll Formerly: “Top Model Hair Wear Summer”

Miss Manhattan 2010

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