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In Addition to Facial Make-Over, Lined Dress, Rooted Lashes and Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

Inspired by Iraeli designer Galia Lahav 

Sheer, stretch cropped top covered in delicate hand-sewn beadwork

Silk charmeuse shorts covered in hand-sewn beadwork

Silk organza corset covered in hand-sewn beadwork

Dual layered organza overskirt features custom made black lace appliques 

hand-sewn on to skirt

Appliques accented with hand-sewn beadwork and Swarovski crysal rhinestones

Overksirt edged in ruffled lace

High boots accented with black half beads

Swarovski jewelry

Eye Color: Green / Lip Color: Pink

Doll Formerly: Katiana Jimenez

Miss Sardinia

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