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meet deborah hearns, the owner of miss zimbabwe as taken from this 1997 interview

deborah hearns, an avid doll collector for over 10 years, concentrated her investments on porcelains and soft sculpture dolls. although she began to collect barbies five years ago, it wasn't until late 1995 that she turned her focus exclusively to barbie. she now has over 90 barbie and friends... she's addicted! her favorite barbies? bob mackies and ninimomos - of course! lucky for ninimomo, deborah has added quite a few of our pageant delegates to her growing collection: misses dominican republic, guatemala, peru, bangladesh from the 1996 ipc (international pageant collection), misses alaska and d.c. from the 1997 national pageant collection and the misses from switzerland, gibraltar, japan and western samoa from the 1997 ipc.

Miss Swaziland 1996

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