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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

Finally, the long awaited arrival of our final candidate in the 2000 IPC Collection, NiniMomo’s USA, ends the competition with a huge BANG!

NiniMomo’s USA 2000 wears a mouth watering gown of white satin thick brocade adorned with an intricate pattern of flowers and vines.

Pattern has been gorgeously enhanced with painstakingly hand sewn beadwork capturing the rich pattern of gown in shades of lime, palest pink, white, sherbet yellow, crystal and pearls.

Gown has been covered in these seed beads along with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins in aurora borealis finish.

Gown is asymmetrical in design with the hem cut on a high diagonal that cascades to the floor with gorgeous hand sewn loops of mixed seed beads, pearls and bugles complete with teardrop crystal bead ends.

Making up the accentuated flounce of gown are three panels of flowing sheer chiffon that pool out along floor in white, lime and pale pink – PERFECTION!

Coming off shoulder are three panels of staggered chiffon pieces as well, also in lime , white and pale pink. They attach to shoulder via hand sewn loops of mixed crystals and seed beads!

White evening gloves.

Spike earrings of mixed genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins in A/B finish and bugles. Made expressly for NiniMomo in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone in Jonquil is Miss US of A’s bracelet

Eye Color: Lime / Lip Color: frosted pink

Strawberry blonde hair has been custom curled and worn full and cascading.

Doll Formerly: "Goddess of Spring"

Miss USA 2000

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