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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

Debuting in 2011, Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s three martime provinces with serious links to Scotland, send a very unique futuristic ice queen.
Miss Nova Scotia is sure to make a strong debut in her extremely unique evening ensemble that begins with a high-neck, long sleeve full catsuit in sheer white lycra.

Overlaid upon this ultra sexy, ultra revealing catsuit is an unusual evening gown of imported embroidered white and silver metallic bold diamond patterned lace which features thin strands which connect each diamond to one another – very unusual.

Each and every diamond on lace gown has been uniquely adorned with a large flower cut genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone center.

Surrounding the center rhinestone on all diamonds are different patterns of mixed nailheads in silver or pearl in varying shapes and sizes: crosses, triangles, rice, teardrop, square, etc…

With each diamond having a different pattern, the completed look is absolutely cohesive yet undeniably unique.

In addition, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in smaller sizes and pearl beads have been used to create the multitude of varying patterns on the diamond.

Arms have been richly bedecked to resemble armor in silver shimmering metallic nailheads in varying shades.

Collar as well has finished to complement gown and give that armor feel in same shimmering metallic nailheads.

Faux “panties” hide any exposed areas.

Thigh high faux patent leather silver matte boots have been bedecked with smaller silver metallic nailheads down front and along upper edge.

An opulent headdress tops of the ensemble composed of a multitude of spikes in white glass bugle beads, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone rondelles, crystal cut Czech beads,

Silver metallic pinwheel sequins and crystal bugle beads.

Stunning bracelets in silver metallic anchors adorn either wrist.

Stud earrings in mixed silver ball bead and disc bead.

Eye Color: Pale Periwinkle / Lip Color: Frosted Silver Antique Rose

Blonde hair is worn in a simple evening twist

Doll Formerly: “Russia Barbie”

Nova Scotia 2011

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