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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

The Pacific Northwest State of Oregon with it's lush forests and logging industry is represented by our Lumberjack. 

Oregon Ken wears a plaid button down shirt complete with buttons and front working pockets.

Worn beneath the plaid shirt is a white long-sleeve Henley complete with collar buttons.

Faux leather suspenders crisscross at back and is accented with a nailhead.

Rugged jeans are detailed with front and back pockets, nailhead details and red flannel lining at cuffs.

Detailed vest in both flannel wool and corduroy sports working pockets, a high collar and nailhead buttons.

Flannel and "shearling" Trapper hat with ties.

Five finger work gloves in faux leather.

Canvas and broadcloth duffel tote complete with outer pockets and equipment holders.

Our Lumberjack dons loads of equipment including his quintessential axe, chain saw, mini axe, hatchet, crosscut saw, saw, working flashlight, penlight, binoculars and carrying case.

Custom made lumber scene complete with wood and axe.

Oregon Ken also carries a pocket knife, wallet on chain, thermos, 2 beers, cigs, lighter, pack of Drum tobacco, Cheetos, Iphone and cool sunglasses.

Full Re-root

Custom flocked brows, mustache and long beard.

Eye Color: Pale Blue
Doll Formerly: "Barbie Basics 001 - Model 15"

Oregon Ken 2022/23

SKU: NKC2121
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