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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Coming from the cradle of the earliest known civilization of South Asia, the Indus Valley Civilization, this Handsome Ken proudly represents that jewel.
Pakistan Ken is regally decked out in his traditional formal garb worn for matrimony.

Pakistan Ken wears a traditional long coat in 100% black silk charmeuse which features a collarless top and long sleeves.

Front of coat features an intricate pattern of rich silk filigree brocade which is scalloped along chest and has also been used along cuffs.

The entire panel that runs along chest and down front of coat has been painstakingly and meticulously covered in hand-sewn beadwork of mixed gold metallic, amber gold, chocolate brown and bronze metallic sequins and seed beads.

At collar, a small decadent decoration in pearl, beads and rhinestone has been added.

This same intricate hand-sewn beadwork has been added to cuffs of coat as well.

Pakistan Ken wears 100% silk jacquard pants in a patterned chocolate brown.

Formal slippers have been custom made and intricate hand-beaded to match coat’s beadwork.

A matching formal matrimonial scarf accompanies the jacket, also in 100% silk charmeuse and silk brocade.

Scarf has been intricately decorated with same hand-sewn beadwork which also includes custom hand-sewn fringe along both edges.

The Final touch to this regal ensemble is Pakistan Ken’s traditional turban style had in 100% silk lame in brown.

Hat has been decorated with an elaborate charm in burnished gold with accents of pearl, rhinestone, seed beads and glass beads.

He also dons bracelets in braided bangle and beaded filigree balls.

Black hair has been slicked back

Custom flocked brows, mustache and beard

Doll Formerly: “The Tango Ken”

Pakistan Wedding Ken

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