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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From the historic central European nation of Poland, under communist rule until 1989, comes our amazing Poland Ken decked out from head to toe in his authentic folkloric dance costume.

Poland Ken wears a wool coat in off-white which has been intricately detailed with custom hand-sewn embroidery in red and gold metallic thread along with red satin piping throughout coat.

Hand-sewn beadwork also adorns coat at cuffs, pockets, collar and floral motif along bottom.

Silver scrimshaw nailheads serve as decadent “buttons”.

Beneath the coat, Poland Ken wears a long vest in 100% silk charmeuse in cobalt blue which has been richly accented in thick rows of hand-sewn beadwork in red and gold sequins along edges, also featuring hand-sewn rows along armholes, collar, pockets and covering the lovely floral motif along bottom.

Rows of silver nailheads also adorn vest and a notched back center has also been finished in same hand-sewn beadwork and nailheads.

Custom made tiny red tassels have been added to front of vest.

A faux brown leather belt complete with gold buckle also features the traditional Polish styling of tiered lengths covered in gold grommets complete with a tiny custom made purse.

Complete white cotton, long sleeve collared shirt is worn beneath the decadent vest and features cuffs and white “buttons”

A red ribbon ties around neck

Red and white striped cotton britches are worn with his custom made faux leather boots.

A red crepe beret style hat trimmed in black faux fur features a peacock feather accent anchored with custom made satin ribbon flower and tassels.

Custom flocked eyebrows and beard

Blonde hair slicked back

Doll Formerly: “Barbie Basics 002 – Model #16”

Poland Folk Ken

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