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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From West Asia lies the landlocked country of Uzbekistan famed for its mosaics and once part of the Persian Saminid sends this royally clad Uzbeki.

Our Uzbekistan Ken wears an ensemble which begins with a collarless long sleeve shirt in white habotai silk complete with matching white “buttons”

He dons a pair of deep purple harem style pants and wears a copper 100% silk charmeuse belt which has been ornately bedecked in designs of hand-sewn beadwork and custom hand-done embroidery.

A long sleeve cloak done in 100% silk two tone deep purple taffeta has been bedecked at wrists and along all edges in lush golden filigree ribbon.

Ribbon has been richly adorned with scattered hand-sewn beadwork in shades of purple, lavender and gold.

Cloak has been gorgeously covered in hand-sewn beadwork in rich filigree decorative patterns along sleeves, front and back all in gold, lavender and purple.

Cloak closes with several hook and eye closures.

Cloak is lined in purple satin

Uzbekistan Ken wears a deep purple crepe Topi which has been pristinely covered in hand-done golden embroidery and richly bedecked with hand-sewn beadwork.

A colorful Missoni style scary wraps around his Topi

Custom made genuine black leather sandals.

Uzbekistan Ken carries his Oud, resembling a Mandolin to play his nation’s traditional music.

Custom flocked eyebrows and beard

Rooted Lashes

Doll Formerly: “Tim McGraw”

Uzbekistan Royal Ken

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