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About our pageants

In order to show our appreciation for our valued customers, NiniMomo holds pageant competitions at the close of each collection: the National Pageant Collection (NPC) & International Pageant Collection (IPC). These pageants celebrate the beauty and workmanship of our one-of-a-kind delegates. As our dolls are pageant delegates and the business focuses on a pageant theme, NiniMomo holds these pageants to search out that one doll considered the best in each collection.

It is a wonderful opportunity for customers to win future discounts on their NiniMomo purchases. The lucky customer who owns the winning doll, receives not only a package of prizes including the official NiniMomo rhinestone crown, but a 30% discount on any future NiniMomo purchase. The winning doll will "reign" as either doll of the USA or Doll of the World for the given year.

Nik and Marie, as well as a panel of judges, choose which doll they feel best represents NiniMomo’s talent for each collection. The criteria for judging involves gown design, gown execution, jewelry, hair and of course facial beauty. Along with one winner, there are semi-finalists and finalists. Also included are non-finalist categories to reward those delegate dolls not among the top finishers in varying non-finalist categories.

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