In addition to Facial Painting, Rooted Lashes and Flocking, This Ken Features:

1915 NYPD Ken wears a traditional police uniform of the early 20th century New York City.

Cotton twill, double breasted, long jacket feature gold trim at cuffs and closes via snap and hook.

Matching pants feature gold pinstriping up sides.

Jacket features a collar, gold "buttons" and a silver badge, 

Leather belt with decorated gold metallic buckle holds his gun and holster, manacles and holder, and keys. 

Gold pocket watch.

White button down shirt with collar and buttons is worn beneath coat.

Socks and lace up shoes.

Felt police hat features black satin ribbon and silver metal badge.

Round spectacles.

Baton on rope.

Custom flocked brows, sideburns and mustache.
Eye Color: Gray

Doll Formerly: “Texas A&M Cheerleader”


In addition to Facial Make-Over, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, this Delegate Features:

Our NY early 20th century Barbie is authentically dressed in a Fall ensemble of the time.

Floral, puffed long-sleeve blouse with high neck features a silk chiffon ruffle down front.

A matching cameo is worn at her neck.

High-waisted silk charmeuse skirt has been adorned with silk velvet ribbon and gold metallic ribbon. Bottom of skirt has been gorgeously fluted and pleated.

Skirt has been adorned in Swarovski palest blue crystal cabochons and Swarovski pearls.

Long, silk charmeuse coat feature moiré collar and cuffs.

Machine decorated trail along coat has been decorated with tiny pearls.

Hook and eye closure features a chiffon bow.

Silk, metallic brocade carpet bag on silver chain with Swarovski bicone accent.

Moiré oversized hat features pinstriping, marabout feathers and a multitude of mulberry paper flowers.

Round spectacles.

Ankle boots.

Swarovski pearl button earrings.

Eye Color: Pale Blue / Lip Color: Blush
Doll formerly: "Hollywood Cast Party Barbie"


Duo comes with top of the line replica 1:6 Horse with bridle and saddle.

1915 NYPD Duo