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Made expressly for the 2009 NBDCC Silent Auction - Revamping the Classics

In addition to Full Facial Makeover, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, Female doll features:

Thirteen years ago, NiniMomo began their first collection of one-of-a-kind pageant themed Barbie dolls. Each doll in that collection represented a different nation throughout the world. From the African continent to the small islands of the South Pacific, NiniMomo has taken great pride in presenting Barbie in all her wonderful colors and cultures.

Both lovers of Barbie since childhood, Nik and Marie of NiniMomo remember being especially excited when Mattel began releasing a completely new line of Barbie dolls.  A whole new world, so to speak, opened back in 1979 with the release of “Black Barbie” and “Hispanic Barbie”.  It was exciting to see such ethnicity in full force and it wasn’t long before “Oriental Barbie” debuted just a year later. NiniMomo’s passion for creating dolls from all over the World stems not only for their work and love of pageants, fashion, culture and travel but from three Barbies that literally changed the face of Barbie forever.

With this in mind, NiniMomo has taken their love and inspiration for these three Barbie classics and have put their very own 2009 NiniMomo twist on them.  Our “re-vamped” versions of Oriental, Black and Hispanic Barbies are completely new dolls with new ensembles however the flavor  of the originals are still evident. Each of the three feature rooted lashes and  custom facial repaint. And as with all NiniMomos, our quintessential hand-sewn beadwork bedecks each beauty.

2009 NBDCC Silent Auction #2

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