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Made expressly for the 2012 NBDCC Silent Auction - Carnival in Venice

Acrylic Display created by Sheree Whittemore

In Addition to Facial Makovers, Pantyhose, Rooted Lashes, Flocked Brows and Facial Hair, Lined Ensembles, This Duo Features:

While on their European Grand Tour, Barbie brought Ken on a weekend getaway to the “City of Canals,” the “Queen of the Adriatic,” the city of Venice.

Famed for its architecture, canals, & picturesque setting, Venice is also known for its colorful carnival, which dates as far back as the 12th century.

Decadent, mysterious & flamboyant are the best words to describe Venice’s carnival season and no couple fits that description better than  Ken & Barbie.

Decked out in their NiniMomo carnival attire, the duo wear lavish period  costumes reminiscent of 18th century France.

Rich silks, brocades & taffeta, along with  delicate lace & embroidered tulle comprise their costumes, all of which have been adorned with meticulously hand-sewn beadwork, a NiniMomo hallmark.

Ken & Barbie each wear opulent hats in silks with Swarovski & ostrich feather accents, and Ken’s hat even has a “built-in” 18th century wig.

He also carries a festively decorated staff and they are both bearing their custom-made carnival masks just in case they want to keep their identities hidden.

2012 NBDCC Silent Auction

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