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Made Expressly for the 2012 NBDCC Raffle Room - Monte Carlo Barbie

Acrylic Display created by Sheree Whittemore

In Addition to Facial Makover, Lined Ensemble, Pantyhose, Rooted Lashes, This Doll Features:

Barbie’s Grand Tour shouldn’t be limited to only four main European cities; She must have some extra time for a few side trips!

While visiting Paris, she was able to get away for a weekend to visit the Principality of Monaco, particularly Monte Carlo, a picturesque city known for its prominence and lively casino!

The famed landmark “Le Grand Casino”, is a gorgeous and lavish structure evoking the magic and electricity of gambling nightlife.

Representing this opulent muninciplality is our “Monte Carlo Barbie.”

She is appropriately decked out in a design which was influenced by the Queen of Hearts playing card and its universal artwork.

Created in 100% silk taffeta with custom hand-painted details, “Monte Carlo Barbie” has been smothered in rich, hand-sewn beadwork and dazzling swarovski crystal rhinestones.

She carries a whimsical staff featuring a Swarovski crystal frosted rhinestone encrusted heart and atop her head is a royal miniature crown celebrating this decadent and “regal” city.

2012 Raffle Room Creation

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