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Made Expressly for the 2016 IDC Live Ebay Auction - American Steampunk Barbie

In Addition to Facial Make Over, Rooted Lashes, Lined Gown, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

Long puffed sleeve lace top

Denim corset with grommets and velvet ribbon lace up

Red velvet halter shrug

Top skirt of 100% silk taffeta complete with matching ruffled edges

Long overskirt in midnight blue sparkled crepe also features custom made silk taffeta ruffles

Custom made Steampunk patchwork hat in denims and velvets

Hat decorated with nailheads and watch parts

Custom painted goggles

Transparent monocle set with chain

Faux leather pouch

Sheer socks with lace borders

Both forearms bedecked with genuine leather gauntlets which feature custom created Steampunk contraptions

Enameled star earrings decorated with watch parts

Custom painted shoes

Doll Formerly: "Frank Sinatra Barbie"

IDC 2016 Ebay Auction

SKU: IDC2016
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