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Made Expressly for the 2016 NBDCC Live Charity Auction - NiniMomo Emojis

Acrylic Display created by Sheree Whittemore

In Addition to Facial Makover, Lined Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

What better way to show off the Pop Art of modern day life than with universally used emojis?! in our tech savvy world, the use of emojis while texting quickly expresses our ideas and emotions electronically.

Welcome five custom created NiniMomo OOAK Barbies, each wearing one of the most popular emojis done up in Swarovski crystal rhinetones and hand-sewn beadwork on silk charmeuse.

Custom created Leggins feature a faded Emoji pattern!

Boots, Jewlery, Glasses and other Accessories complete the look!


2016 NBDCC Live Auction

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