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Made Expressly for the 2017 G.A.W. Live Charity Auction - Highland Barbie 

In Addition to Facial Makover, Lined Ensemble, Pantyhose, This Doll Feature:

Corsetted top in duchess satin features grommet and gold ribbon tie up at back.

Intricate bodice done in panels feature custom cut filigree flower work hand-sewn on to bodice.

Panels of corset decorated in hand-sewn beadwork and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Corset gives way to multi tiered ball skirt comprised of two varying tartans along with imported Indian metallic silk.

Coming off the bodice and trailing down ball skirt are a multitude of custom cut floral trails which have been hand-sewn on to skirt and decorated with Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Both front and back of gown feature taffetra panels which have been bordered in gold ribbon and decorated with custom cut filgiree vines, flowers and trails, hand-sewn to panels and decorated with Swarovski crystal rhinestone.

Evening gloves. 

Swarovski and gold jewelry.

Doll Formerly: "Classic Black Dress Silkstone"


2017 Grant-A-Wish Live Auction

SKU: 2017GAW
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