In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From east central European Russian comes this gorgeous Russian Czarina from the Volga River Valley in one of  NiniMomo’s most gorgeous beaded creations to date.

Wearing a stylish evening gown that embellishes the richness of old Russia with today’s trends is this ensemble that begins with a strapless bodice that doubles as an overskirt featuring a cinched and gathered edge of textured antique gold shimmering organza covering breast.

Below this rich organza is a band of deep mulberry satin which separates at center and creates a diamond keyhole opening combined with organza.

Overdress is tight along body and flares out at hips with an intricate vintage feel brocade in antique burnished gold and black.

Brocade has been absolutely smothered in some of NiniMomo’s most exquisite beadwork in seed bead colors and sequins of black, mulberry iridescent, fuchsia, orchid, burnished gold, lavender, gold, pink, antique rose, gunmetal and peony.

In addition, dozens upon dozens of hand-sewn golden filigree florets have been added as well for texture.

Brocade has been decadently smothered in hand-sewn beadwork of mixed seed beads in mulberry and gunmetal, fuchsia sequins and golden filigree florets.

Overskirt is richly lined in mulberry satin and also has been finished at edges in a gathered border of textured shimmering burnished gold organza.

Beneath this stunning overskirt is a rich, lush mulberry silk velvet skirt that has been finished at hem with a band of same antique look brocade in burnished gold and black. This too has been gorgeously finished in hand-sewn beadwork of mixed golden florets, sequins and seed beads.

Overskirt connects via 9 hand-sewn tiered rows of hand-sewn beadwork in bugle beads and seed beads.

A Czarina hat in matching mulberry suedette has been richly bedecked with hand-sewn beadwork in gunmetal, fuchsia, burnished gold with golden filigree florets.

At back a traditional veil of sheer black chiffon anchors to back via delicate golden filigree floret and mini sequin charms.

Drop earrings of decadent golden filigree matching with a stunning golden collar necklace. Each wrist adorned with three golden chain charm bracelets with golden hearts.

Eye Color: Lavender / Lip Color: Mulberry

Honey blonde hair is worn in braded pigtails wrapped into pinwheel buns.

Doll Formerly: “Princess of the Vikings Barbie”

Miss Tatarstan 2006