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In Addition to Facial Make-Over, Rooted Lashes, Lined Gown, and Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

Made expressly for the 2015 Roma Fashion Doll Convention Charity Auction

Dressed as a couture gladiator Miss Rome’s ensemble begins with a genuine leather top in gold metallic custom embroidered in gold thread and covered in Swarovski crystal rhinestones and golden charms

Top features a lace up corset back complete with grommets and metallic thread as lace.

Matching leather epaulet attaches via grommets at left shoulder and has been bedecked with charms and Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Right arm guards in same metallic gold leather connects to top via matching gold leather bands.

Arm guards and straps decorated in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones, gold charms and nailheads.

Gauntlets both in leather feature either grommets and lace up metallic thread or matching leather straps.

Both gauntlets rich with Swarovski crystal rhinestone and nailhead decorations.

Wide black belt features Swarovski crystal rhinestone, nailhead and gold charm detailing.

A burgundy silk jersey skirt has been overlaid with a gladiator skirt in same genuine gold leather

Skirt has been covered with genuine vintage Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Black leather knee guards with nailhead and gold charm detailing

Gladiator boots adorned with nailheads, Swarovski crystal rhinestones and tiny golden spikes.

Miss Rome carries her bronze leather shield richly decorated with a mix of Swarovski crystal rhinestones, Swarovski marble stones, antique gold filigree and nailheads.

Strapped to her waist is matching gold and black knife and sheath

She also carries a warrior sword and wears a golden helmet complete with feather top

Gold leaf earrings

Black hair worn sleek and long

Doll Formerly: “Barbie as Elvis”

Miss Rome

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