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In Addition to Facial Makover, Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

NiniMomo's Darth Vader Barbie wears an ensemble inspired by famed Star Wars villain, Darth Vadar,

100% silk taffeta body suit with long sleeves and high neck has been covered in hand-sewn vertical lines of

grouped seed beads.

Black silk charmeuse "briefs" have been covered completely in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Silk charmeuse belt has been covered in vintage square Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Genuine black suede peplums at hips

Silk sheened black sleeveless robe sits atop bodysuit

Black pauldron piece in genuine leather has been custom painted and decorated with Swarovski gunmetal rhinestones.

Coming off back of neck is a flowing black 100% silk charmeuse cape lined in gunmetal silver metallic silk chiffon

Black and silver cuffs

Boots bedecked with shining Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Vadar's quintessential helmet turned hat has been bedecked with vintage Swarovski crystal rhinestone squares.

Darth's light saber has been finished in pave style red Swarovski crystal rhinestones

Silver bead earrings

Hair has been covered in shimmering black genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones leaving a leather wrapped platinum ponytail at back

Black faux leather gloves

Vadar's chest box has been replaced with a sterling silver pendant and chain covered with Swarovski and nailheads

Eye Color: Mineral

Lip Color Frosted Maroon

Doll Formerly: "Zodiac Capricorn"

Darth Vader

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