In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

The year was July 26, 1775 when the U.S. postal system was founded by the Second Continental Congress. 

More recently, July 1, 1971, the headquarters for the USPS was established in D.C., hence comes our District of Columbia Ken.

Our USPS Mail Carrier Ken is ready to deliver whatever you need wearing his cotton twill authentic shirt sleeve USPS short complete with "buttons", collar, pockets and USPS logo.

Long slightly heathered walking shorts features pinstripes.

Heavy cotton twill authentic USPS postal jacket featurs zip up front, collar and pockets. 

Jacket is also adorned with USPS patch and letter carrier tag. 

Crepe sun hat with tie string and USPS patch.

Faux leather belt holds Ken's dog animal repellent, repellent holder and his spare keys. 

Custom cotton socks, shoes, Iphone, Shades and cash.

Nylon USPS mail bag features genuine leather strap and inside pocket complete with USPS decal.

Nylon bag holds a plethora of paraphenalia ready to be delivered from US Priority boxes to junkmail, bills and postcards.

D.C. Ken collects mail from the 1/6 scale public mailbox along his route.

Public mailbox has been custom distressed and features keys to open lock on box.

Our D.C. Ken comes complete with his styling, vintage inspired "Black Phantom" Schwinn 1/6 scale bicycle to help with his deliveries.

Back of bike holds three oversized US Priority boxes via custom bungee cords. 

Full custom head re-root.

Custom flocked brows and beard.

Eye Color: Light Blue
Doll Formerly: "BMR Glam Ken"

District of Columbia Ken 2021

SKU: NKC2111