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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

The historic nation of England with its rich and influential past, present and future is proudly represented by NiniMomo’s “Beefeater” Ken.

Famed as the guardians of the Tower of London, its prisoners and the British crown jewels, our Beefeater wears a strikingly authentic ensemble.

England Ken wears a red broadcloth coat which has been decorated with bands of both metallic gold and black stripes on arms, vertically down chest and back, along all edges and around pockets.

Each of these gold and black stripes have been meticulously covered in rows of hand-sewn beadwork in sequins and seed beads in either gold or black.

As all Beefeaters proudly wear their badges, England Beefeater Ken shows off his badges as well, all of which have been custom painted and hand-beaded and hand-sewn onto his chest and back.

The shamrock badge features tiny genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Waist features a matching metallic gold and black belt which has also been richly hand-beaded and features a golden buckle at center.

Dangling at left from his belt is Beefeater Ken’s faux leather sheath which holds his royal sword.

At neck, a custom made ruff in off-white silk organza has been added.

Matching red broadcloth pantaloons also features same metallic gold and black border which has also been hand-beaded in sequins and seed beads.

The royal red, white and blue ribbons adorn both sides of pantaloons and are also present on his black shoes.

Red tights and white gloves are also part of his attire.

A custom made black fabric hat decorated with tiny satin bows in red, white and blue are strikingly similar to the original.

Ken carries his authentic custom made spear which features hand-painting and a custom made tassle.

Blonde hair is worn slicked back and Ken sports a rich flocked mustache and goatee.

Doll Formerly: “Barbie Basic 002 – Model #16”

England "London Beefeater" Ken

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