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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Opulent, decadent and slightly ostentatious is our French Ken wearing his 18th century walking ensemble rich in fabric as it is in hand-sewn beadwork.

French Ken begins with a 100% silk taffeta white long sleeve shirt featuring ruffled cuffs and a dramatic cravate.

100% silk charmeuse britches feature unusual golden metallic undertones.

A three-quarter vest in detailed silk blend creme and white brocade has been edged with shimmering tiny gold sequins with matching seed beads.

Vest’s rich filigree pattern has been accentuated with hand-sewn crème, gold and white sequins and seed beads.

An opulent justaucorps coat in palest periwinkle/lavender satin is worn three quarter length and features rich hand-sewn beadwork in a lattice pattern of metallic gold sequins down both sides of front.

Sleeves as well have been bedecked with this meticulously hand-sewn lattice beadwork in metallic gold sequins.

Exotic pagoda cuffs reveal the 100% white silk taffeta lining of coat and this too has been gorgeously edged with lattice patterned hand-sewn beadwork.

White stockings

Custom made faux black leather slippers feature silver buckles.

A sash in silk charmeuse with golden metallic undertones holds French Ken’s quintessential sword which is knotted via gold braided cording and accented with a hand-sewn filigree ornament.

A black felt authentic tricorn hat features white lace trim that has been accented with hand-sewn white sequins and seed beads.

Hat has been bedecked with a plume of white marabou feathers anchored via golden hand-sewn ornament.

Custom flocked side burns and brows

Blonde Hair worn slicked back

Doll Formerly: “Harley Davidson 2010”

France 18th century Ken

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