In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

The famed Indy 500 aka Indianapolis 500 is the theme for Indiana's representative.

What better way to celebrate NiniMomo's 25th year in business than to embellish our Indy winner in NiniMomo and Barbie!?

Indiana Ken wears a replica white twill Indy 500 racing uniform complete with built-in epaulets, cross over collar and built-in belt.

Uniform features purple metallic arms and pinstriping down pants legs.

Black pinstriping has also been added to top and bottom of uniform.

Uniform has been covered in "patches" of NiniMomo, Barbie, and OOAK Doll Club.

Back of uniform as well has NiniMomo's first year in business, 1996.

Black elastic wrists and ankles.

Silk racing boots with socks.

Matching "Stormtrooper" racing helmet  features moving face shield.

Accompanying Indy 500 Ken are amazing custom 3D printed items such as the spot-on official Borg-Warner Winner's Trophy and baby Borg Winner's trophy. 

The "Official" Winner's Wreath in red, white and blue ribbon has been decorated in purple organza roses.

Custom 3D printed and painted "Official" NiniMomo Racing Tire.

Finally, as is customary for Indy 500 winners, a carton of milk and a glass (google it!)

Custom flocked brows and goatee.

Doll Formerly: "Divergent Four Ken"

Indiana Ken 2021

SKU: NKC2108