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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From the birthplace of many of the world’s great civilizations: Assyria, Babylonia and Sumer comes our Iraqi Ken

Metallic silk shirt in pale copper features hand-sewn beadwork on chest and cuffs.

Orange 100% silk embroidered brocade has been decorated with hand-sewn beadwork

Pants of 100% silk taffeta

Custom made genuine leather sandals decorated with nailheads

Genuine suede sash belt

Iraq Ken carries two decorative swords

Silk taffeta fez has been decorated with hand-sewn beadwork and golden tassel

Gold hoop earrings

Custom flocked beard, mustache and brows

Doll Formerly: “Speed Racer”

Iraq Ken

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