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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Inspired by the film, Interview with the Vampire, comes NiniMomo’s Lestat Ken

Jacket of 100% silk taffeta in midnight blue has been covered in a hand-sewn

Filigree lace along edges in gold

Lace has been covered in hand-sewn beadwork

Gold metallic nailheads have been added throughout

Cuffs also finished in hand-sewn gold lace and hand-sewn beadwork

With nailhead accents

100% silk charmeuse shirt in white features ruffled cuffs

Matching midnight blue 100% silk charmeuse vest has been decorated

with gold lace pieces individually hand-sewn onto charmeuse

Lace covered in hand-sewn beadwork and

Vest decorated with metallic nailheads

Dark blue velour pantaloons

100% silk charmeuse cravat

White stockings

Shoes feature faux leather and gold buckles

Lestat carries a custom made walking stick bedecked

With glass and Swarovski accents
He also holds a custom made lace hanky

Hair has been custom re-rooted and custom heat permed

Custom flocked brows and sideburns

Doll Formerly: “Edward Twilight”

Lestat Ken

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