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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Representing the Old West in Texas comes NiniMomo’s Sheriff Ken in an ensemble straight out of the old Western movies

Ken wears a long sleeve, collared white cotton shirt with buttons

A rich brocade floral vest featuring buttons and faux pockets

Grosgrain thin bowtie at neck

Cotton striped nave blue pants

Black flocked cowboy hat complete with sheriff emblem and satin brim

Faux black leather coat features a sterling silver sheriff charm

Custom made (not by NiniMomo) black leather double draw rig gunbelt features two holders at each side each containing a colt peacemaker silver gun

Belt features faux bullets along back

Belt also has a carry case for handcuffs which are part of ensemble

Genuine leather belt for pants with silver buckle

Cool detailed rifle

Old west “Wanted Posted”

Black cowboy boots

Genuine black leather canteen


Custom flocked brows, mustache, goatee

Doll Formerly: “Hunger Games Peeta”

Lone Star Sheriff Ken

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