In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Representing the French influenced state of Louisiana comes our representative loosley based on famed "pirate", Jean Lafitte. 

Lafitte was a privateer and smuggler in New Orleans that eventually left his pirating to fight with the US to defend New Orleans.

Our version of Lafitte begins with a high collar, silk, billowy pirate top with puffed sleeves gathered at the wrists. 

Shirt features crisscross lace-up closure at top complete with ties and eyelets.

Silk britches.

Silk charmeuse belt tied at waist.

Detailed, lined Pirate coat in suedette features folded front panels in taffeta edged in rich, silk satin brocade.

Custom created ribbon button plackets travel down both sides of coat, 18 in all.

Cuffs have been also finished in taffeta and brocade.

Faux pockets.

Coat has been adorned in Swarovski crystal rhinestones, Swarovski pearls and gold filigree charms.

Rugged boots with socks.

Dual belts in suede and leather feature gold, filigree buckles.

Custom decorated Sheath and Scabbard finished in Swarovski, pearl and charms connects to belt via gold chain holder.

Flintlock pistol and compass.

Tricorn hat in faux leather has been edged in lace ribbon accented in Swarovski pearl and Swarovski rhinestone.

A long white feather anchors to hat via a Swarovski crystal rhinestone brooch surrounded in pearl.

Every pirate covets a treasure chest and we haven't deprived our Jean Lafitte of his own.

Wooden treasure chest has been decorated in genuine crushed abalone and nailheads.

Closure accented in chain and three "locks."

Once opened, chest features dozens of gold and silver coins, jewels, necklaces and other treasure such as a crown, clock, candlestick, chalices, sword and glass bottle filled with jewels.

Custom flocked brows and goatee

Eye Color: Chestnut
Doll Formerly: "Faraway Forest Ken"

Louisiana Ken 2021

SKU: NKC2102