In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

The Northeastern most State, famed for its Maritime history comes NiniMomo's Maine Ken suitably playing the role of a Lobsterman.

Our Maine Ken braves the Atlantic Ocean dressed in a multi layered ensemble beginning with a jersey Union suit complete with buttons down front and at back flap.

Heavy, turtleneck fisherman's sweater.

PVC grundéns feature built in working suspenders, front pocket, inserted black stripes at shins and the official NiniMomo logo.

Accompanying the grundns is an all weather, 3-pocket, PVC raincoat complete with snap closure, hood with black accenting and the official NiniMomo logo. 

Custom sculpted crustaceans: 4 Lobster/ 4 Crab / Mussles / Clams are set into a stainless steal bucket filled with "ice"

Knit Beanie cap and wool mittens.

Black socks and lace up (back) Deck boots.

Hand Gaff and Fishing net.

Custom made nautical Lobster and Crab Buoys.

Authentic miniature old-fashioned wooden Lobster trap.


Other accessories: custom made flask/ snack / switchblade / Nokia cell / Wallet / Coffee cup / Thermos / Cigarette / Cigarette pack

Custom flocked brows and full beard.

Eye Color: Ice Blue
Doll Formerly: "Twilight Jasper"

Maine Ken 2021

SKU: IKC2104