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In Addition to Facial Makeover, Lined Ensemble, Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

Merry Christmas Barbie 2022 rings in the holiday wearing her elegant suit gown festooned in shimmering snowflakes and windy trails of Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

She wears a tuxedo style silk jacket that features inverted lapels in silk charmeuse.

Jackets closes via three chevron rhinestone and gold charms.

Worn beneath is sheer, silk organza formal shirt with a high, dramatic collar in silk charmeuse.

Gold Swarovski crystal buttons and a rhinestone and gold brooch at neck.

Collar tips have been finished in clusters of Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Back of jacket is cinched in and accented with a gold and rhinestone charm.

Jacket gives way to a mermaid skirt which is form-fitting to knees and flares out dramatically to floor, all in silk. 

Skirt has been decorated in gusty trails of windswept Swarovski crystal rhinestones in both gold and clear. 

Along with the Swarovski crystal rhinestone trails, mixed gold and silver snowflake rhinestone charms have been added throughout. 

A red velvet fascinator has been accented with feathers, tulle and Swarovski encrusted golden bell charms.

Barbie carries her very own NiniMomo Christmas present.

Swarovski crystal rhinestone elements and golden charm drop earrings.
Hair has been accented in velvet leaves and mulberry paper flowers.

Shoes are adorned in Swarovski and gold charms.

Eye Color: Gray / Lip Color: Red

Doll Formerly: "Best in Black Silkstone"

Merry Christmas Barbie 2022

SKU: FAN2203
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