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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the area of Caucasia in Western Asia comes this gorgeous and elegant Armenia beauty in a flowing gown of beadwork and chiffon.

Miss Armenia 2001 wears a gown that begins with a long sleeve very sexy nude top in subtle sea foam that has been covered in delicate hand sewn beadwork incorporating turquoise iridescent rhinestones, iridescent sequins, seed beads and bugle chips, just to name a few of the mediums used.  Upper edge of top has been dramatically accented with free standing hand sewn fringe.

Palest sea foam blue evening gloves features soft ethereal flowing panels of sheer pale sea foam chiffon that has been attached to upper gloves and wrapped in crisscrossed sea foam green satin ribbon.

Low hip hugging unusual skirt of three layers of flowing chiffon, two panels of bright turquoise chiffon underneath a panel of pale sea foam green chiffon. Skirt features sexy off center high slit

“Belt” of skirt has been graciously accented with hand sewn beadwork complementing that of ensemble’s sexy top complete with more hand sewn rhinestones.  Coming off belt is an eye catching tassel of iridescent bugle bead fringe with matching teardrop bead ends.

Lower right hem of skirt has been gorgeously adorned with a hand sewn filigree pattern of bugles and rhinestones.

Choker, spike earrings and bracelet of rhinestones and genuine Czech iridescent crystal beads.

Eye Color: Lilac / Lip Color: Carnation Pink

Chestnut hair with amber streaks are wrapped in spiral braids, worn partially up in a twist and adorned with a headdress of sea foam satin ribbon studded with genuine Czech deep turquoise crystal beads.

Doll Formerly: “Goddess of Wisdom”

Miss Armenia 01/02

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