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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate features:

From the West Asian landlocked nation of Armenia, independent since 1991, comes this eye-catching superhero beauty in an evening ensemble that truly represents love for her country with a patriotic flair.

Miss Armenia’s incredible ensemble begins with a sexy backless bodice in champagne satin that has been custom painted with official coat of arms for the Armenian nation.

Entire bodice has been covered in clear crystal hand-sewn sequins to give it a brilliant sheen.

Bodice attaches via several hand-sewn strands of metallic gold seed beads which decorate back.

Bodice has been edged along bottom with gorgeous Swarovski crystal red pendants set in gold metal and anchored via hand-sewn cobalt blue seed beads.

Miss Armenia wears form-fitting gold satin pants which have been encrusted from top to bottom in brilliant metallic gold sequins sans seed beads.

Emanating from back of gold pants is a billowy, impressive cape has been created to represent the Armenian flag in blue, red and gold, all in 100% silk chiffon.

Where each color meets another, a row of rich hand-sewn beadwork has been added.

Cape is lined in lush imported Indian textured metallic silk in pale gold.

Shoes have been richly adorned with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone accents.

Impressive beaded bracelets and multi tiered beaded necklaces in gold ball beads, crystal cut beads, genuine Swarovski crystal bicones and custom made gold metallic leaf sequins adorn wrists and neck.

Drop earrings in genuine Swarovski crystal pendants with gold metal feature genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs.

Hair features a headband of gold beadcaps

Eye Color: Chestnut / Lip Color: Red

Black hair is worn in an elegant evening twist

Doll Formerly: “Top Model Teresa”

Miss Armenia 2012

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