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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From way down under comes this Aussie beauty in a spectacular evening gown that scream retro Art Deco style with its intricate patterning and colors.

Miss Australia is the shining star on the NiniMomo stage in her slim halter style evening gown of white satin that features a wide front panel of delicate black art deco lace that has been overlaid upon nude transparent sparkle knit.

Lace’s very intricate pattern has been gorgeously smothered in hand-sewn painstaking beadwork of gunmetal bugle beads, transparent clear sequins, smoky gray seed beads and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins.

Where lace meets satin, a row of white sequins layered with smaller black sequins and smoky gray seed bead centers have been added.

Halter straps of gown are hand-sewn in mixed seed beads and bugles and create a gorgeous pattern across open back where all straps meet at center back at a gunmetal enameled glass disc.

A simple yet perfect black velvet wrap lined in same white satin features hand-sewn fringe layered of mixed seed beads, bugles beads, gunmetal ball beads and crystal cut smoky gray beads.

Drop earrings of silver metal fringe. Beaded bracelet of exquisite Swarovski crystal cut disc beads.

Eye Color: Cadet / Lip Color: Frosted Natural

Deep Auburn hair is worn parted to one side in a curled pony.

Doll Formerly: “Katiana Jimenez”

Miss Australia 03/04

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