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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From way down under comes this blonde Aussie beauty in a mouth watering soft and elegant evening gown inspired inspired by Abed Mafouz.

Miss Australia is a dream in her strapless evening gown of eggshell shimmering organza that has been richly adorned with a “burn out” pattern of teardrops allowing sexy faux openings to be seen throughout gown.

Gown has been stunningly smothered in hand-sewn beadwork of matching eggshell sequins and matching seed beads.

In addition, hand-sewn “droplets” of rich turquoise sequins and seed beads have been added into gown as well.

Worn atop this stunningly hand-beaded gown is a matching eggshell organza sheer scarf which has been gorgeously adorned with hand-sewn beadwork along upper edge in eggshell sequins, seed beads and accents of turquoise.

Shawl is worn on a diagonal and wraps around body of gown where it has been tacked to gown.

Gorgeous jewelry of faux coral chips in turquoise and gold seed beads make up the choker and bracelets worn on either wrist.

Drop earrings of turquoise glass beads, genuine Swarovski crystal bicones, golden discs and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs.

Eye Color: Turquoise / Lip Color: Deep Berry

Blonde hair has been custom heat permed and worn long and cascading.

Doll Formerly: “Red Hot Diva”

Miss Australia 2009

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