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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From only 60 miles off the coast of Miami begins the 700 islands and islets of the Bahamas in the West Indies. Calling those islands home is this year’s front running beauty in a sublime gown of soft pastels.

Miss Bahamas wears a strapless evening gown in an extremely rich watercolor print 100% silk fabric featuring shades blending from soft pinks to soft blues to soft oranges and rust.

Gown is unusual with its asymmetrical pleated bodice that covers one breast and extends diagonally down to hips, creating a stunning rainbow of pleated color.

Pleated section is edged along hem with an unusual border of shimmering, dangling polished shell bits in a rich shade of blue complete with iridescent highlights. Shell edging wraps around gown.

An added sprig of same blue polished shell bits adorn left bodice tip.

Remainder of gown has been meticulously smothered in hand-sewn beadwork in a dramatic array of mixed seed beads all playing off pattern’s rich shades.

In addition to seed beads, tiny floral sequins also in matching gown shades have been used for texture.

A complementing simple evening wrap of pastel blue chiffon plays off gown perfectly.

Eye Color: Blue-Gray / Lip Color: Lavender

Drop earrings of rhinestones in shades of pink. Dangling charm bracelet of pink baby ball beads.

Darkest brown hair has been custom heat curled and worn in long cascading locks.

Doll Formerly: “Teen Nikki”

Miss Bahamas 05/06

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