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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

Wearing NiniMomo’s BEST Indian influenced evening gown comes this masterpiece on this year’s Bangladesh beauty.

Strapless gown in custom dyed Gray Pearl satin features a high slit off to the right side and is stunningly bedecked with a plethora of hand sewn scatter beadwork in pointillism fashion. Beadwork includes unusual shades of custom dyed lilac pearl beads, tie dye teal and violet seed beads, Fimo style cranberry seed beads, crystal seed beads and tiniest of micro Indian silver sequins.

Beadwork is heaviest asymmetrically on upper left bodice diagonally across to high slit as well as along entire hem of gown.

Coming from slit is a most remarkably stunning panel of custom dyed gray pearl chiffon completely hand sewn to slit. This extra long panel of lace is long enough to gather in right arm and still cascade to the floor.

One of the most painstakingly hand sewn beaded pieces in NiniMomo’s history is evident here. Entire panel of lace has been hand sewn with a repeated pattern of micro silver sequins, custom dyed lavender pearl beads and iridescent pale cranberry bugle chips and seed beads. Each individual grouped pattern has been individually hand sewn so as to not show threading. This is truly one of our most beautiful hand sewn pieces to date!

A dramatic and authentic dual veil consists of a long flowing sheer panel of antique lilac chiffon layered with a shorter veil of same custom dyed gray pearl lace painstakingly hand beaded to match that of slit’s lace panel!

A mini crown of gray pearl beads, lavender rondelles and bead spikes.

Cluster spike earrings of mixed bugles, sequins and seed beads. Delicate hand sewn patterned choker of seed beads and bugle beads gloriously add to the extravagance of this ensemble. A snake like spiraled hand strung bracelet decorates left arm.

Eye Color: Spring green/Lip Color: Cranberry

Black hair has been custom straightened and cut blunt and parted down middle

Doll Formerly: “Pacific NW Barbie"

Miss Bangladesh 1999

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