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In Addition to Facial Makover, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

Sheer, mesh long sleeve top features chenille leaves edged in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Back of mesh lined in nailhead and Swarovski "buttons".

Cinched belt bedecked with a beaded buckle accented at center in Swarovski.

Drop belt gives way to full embroidered lace mesh skirt overlaid upon 100% silk charmeuse.

Skirt has been covered in over 2,000 genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Mixed Swarovski crystal and glass jewelry.

Hair has been custom re-rooted.

Fabric flowers in hair accented by Swarovski crystal centers.

Swarovski accented heels.

Eye Color: Amber / Lip Color: Purple
Doll Formerly: "Sydney Opera House"

Miss Barbados 2017/18

SKU: IPC1718058
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