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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

Formerly Zaire, the D.R.C., located in Central Africa is a dense tropical nation rich in national resources and obviously rich in pageant front runners as is evident with their 2000 representative that is truly a Nubian Goddess - The Total Showpiece!

This haute-couture Diva wears a classic one shoulder evening gown of lush silk velvet and crystalline chiffon patterned in diagonal waved lines.

Chiffon lines have been alternately covered in painstakingly hand sewn beadwork of imported micro sequins in gold or silver, each with centers of crystal seed beads. Entire gown has been smothered in these diagonal lines of beadwork!

Coming off one shoulder design is an eye-catching plume of delicate hand sewn staggering lengths of mixed silver and gold bugles and seed beads – well over 30 in all! Accents of silver lame leaves add further drama to the one shoulder.

To balance the asymmetrical design, a wrist wrap of sheer black flowing chiffon has been added to right wrist.

Coming off wrist are six staggering hand sewn fringe lengths of mixed bugles and seed beads in gold and silver complete with two hand sewn lame silver leaves.

Finally, proof this woman is an African Diva, a genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone headband made exclusively for NiniMomo adorns her head.

Eye Color: Gold / Lip Color: Deep Ruby

Black hair is worn full and wild – A Diana Ross she is!

Doll Formerly: “Nigerian Barbie”

Miss Dem. Rep. of Congo 2000

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