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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Lashes, Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From our nation’s capitol comes this very contemporary funky diva in a classy gown in complementing Earth tones

Halter style evening gown consists of a rich & intricate brocade of browns & gold against a black canvas. This intricate filigree brocade also features wide spread horizontal and vertical lines running through entire pattern.

Both vertical and horizontal lines have been meticulously covered in hand sewn beadwork of mini chocolate metallic sequins with matching seed bead centers.

Filigree pattern throughout gown has been speckled with delicate hand sewn beadwork of tiny gold seed beads and rich chocolate brown metallic seed beads.

A very luxurious accent to this gown is the full flared hem and collar finished in rich chocolate genuine mink fur!

Accompanying this ensemble is a crescent wrap in gold silk satin shantung which folds at either wrist and drapes 1 ½ “. From that point, two strands of gold chain dangle complete with pompom ends of genuine chocolate mink fur. Tips of wrap have been detailed with a row of hand sewn chocolate metallic sequins and amber seed beads cluster rows.

Button earrings of chocolate matte metallic ball beads and pale antique gold mini ball beads.

Eye Color: Sapphire / Lip Color: Deep Orchid

Black hair is worn in a high wrapped pony with a band of gold satin silk shantung with brown satin ribbon center. Both edges of brown ribbon have been adorned with hand sewn chocolate metallic sequins with three seed bead cluster centers.

Doll Formerly: “Generation Girl Nichelle”

Miss District of Columbia 2000

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