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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the West African nation of Gambia, popular for having one of the most navigable rivers in Africa, the Gambia river, comes this shining star of Africa in her leopard haute couture ensemble.

Miss Gambia 2000 wears a halter style evening gown of rich panne velvet leopard print in shades of camel, black, and gray – very unusual for a leopard print material!

Entire gown has been absolutely painstakingly hand sewn with hundreds upon hundreds of mixed seed beads complementing pattern in shades of grays, blacks, camels and rich golds.

Gown has been asymmetrically edged with a rich matching genuine Fox fur in blended shades of caramel, gray and black – perfect!!!!!

Accompanying this ensemble is a very unusual crescent wrap of puckered leopard print jacquard in shades of white, caramel, black and shimmering gold! Wrap, like gown has been edged in same rich, genuine, fox fur.

Evening gloves of pale gold lame.

Neckband of unpuckered leopard print material.

Drop hoops of genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones made expressly for NiniMomo.

Eye Color: Shimmering Pewter / Lip Color: Metallic Coppery Red

Black hair has been heat waved and worn in a loose pile up with cascading tendrils framing her face.

Doll Formerly: “Mrs Heart”



Doll Formerly: “Mann’s Chinese Theater Barbie”

Miss Gambia 2000

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