In Addition to Facial Makeover and Pantyhose, This Delegate Features:

From the Empire State of the South comes this beauty in Spring shades.

Miss Georgia is stunning in a retro inspired dress beginning with a short sleeve top of lavender embroidered  mesh lace overlaid upon pink satin.

Top has been decorated in flatback pearls and mulberry paper flowers.

A silk charmeuse wide belt completel with large bow at back gives way to a full short skirt.

Skirt of embroidered mesh lace has been overlaid upon same pink satin.

Skirt has been decorated in mulberry paper flowers and vintage velvet leaves as well as hundreds of flatback pearls. 

Simple chiffon wrap in lilac.

Short embroidered lace gloves accented in flatback pearls.

Custom created fascinator hat in suede features "branches" adorned with mulberry paper flowers and vintage velvet leaves.

Specialty purse on gold chain.

Hair has been custom re-rooted and accented with mulberry paper flowers.

Shoes have been accented in mulberry flowers and velvet leaves.

Eye Color: Olive / Lip Color: Metallic Bronze

Doll Formerly:  "Lingerie Barbie #5"

Miss Georgia 2021

SKU: NPC2133