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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

Representing the historically rich, beautiful nation of Germany, with the highest population of any nation within the European Union, comes this sleek and mysterious runway couture Diva, reminiscent of supermodel Nadja Auermann, also from Germany.
Wearing a couture evening gown inspired from famed designer Nina Ricci, Miss Germany’s ensemble is composed from top to thighs in deep black satin and ends at hem in sheer, flowing black chiffon.

Gown’s bodice features a high collar, long sleeves and futuristic and also retro 80’s sculpted epaulets in black satin.

Entire bodice, epaulets, collar, and sleeves have been sleekly smothered in painstakingly hand-sewn beadwork of mixed black and black iridescent sequins with matching seed beads in varying sizes.
These iridescent sequins, while black, gives off an aurora borealis array of deep, rich, jewel tone colors.

Undersides of epaulets have also been gorgeously covered in this hand-sewn beadwork.

Remainder of gown has been also assiduously and painstakingly covered in hand-sewn beadwork of black and black iridescent sequins and seed beads.

Below knees, chiffon has been bedecked with drizzling hand-sewn beadwork.

At waist, another dramatic set of black satin epaulets (or peplums) covered in hand-sewn beadwork accents hips.

Black faux leather boots accented down front with a vertical row of hand-sewn iridescent black sequins and seed beads peeks from beneath center slit of gown.

Ribbed large dark silver metallic hoop earrings feature genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs in Jet black.

Eye Color: Aqua / Lip Color: Deep Plum

Blonde hair is worn sleek and slicked back into a tight pony wrapped with a bouquet of satin thin ribbon accented with hand-sewn sequins and seed beads.

Doll Formerly: “Happy Holidays 2009”

Miss Germany 2010

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