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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the largest island in the world lying mostly north of the Arctic circle comes this stunning ice queen suitably clad in snowy white celebrating her nation’s chilly climate.

Miss Greenland wears a classic strapless gown in white crepe that has been gorgeously adorned with a pattern of hand-sewn beadwork in diagonal stripes along front of gown in mixed crystal bugles and silver and white seed beads.

A stunning evening coat of shimmering white lycra features flared sleeves and an oversized hood all of which have been trimmed in white faux “polar bear” fur.

Hoop earrings of crystal bugles and pendant necklace of crystal rhinestone.

Eye Color: Ice Blue / Lip Color: Carnation

Medium Brown hair is worn in a retro forties style

Doll Formerly: “Publicity Tour”


Miss Greenland 03/04

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